Agile Working Burford Oxfordshire

Agile Working Burford Oxfordshire

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Agile Working Burford Oxfordshire and flexible working might seem similar but they are actually not the same. In most cases, people tend to use both terms interchangeably because they do not actually know that these terms actually mean different things or because they feel that their difference isn’t quite significant or may not affect their meaning. 

Even though both are meant to improve productivity, it is necessary to spell out these differences so that one is able to use each of them appropriately.

This article is dedicated to explaining the primary difference between the two. 

Agile working

It is used to describe the way employers fashion the work environment to be able to get the best productivity from their workers. 

Unlike in the traditional work where employees are forced to sit tight to their desks in all formality, it believes in the principle that work is an activity and not necessarily a place. 

In essence, as long as the work or target can be achieved, it doesn’t necessarily matter  how it is done. 

The Agile Organization defines Agile Working Burford Oxfordshire as being about bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. Getting the task done, therefore, is the sole concern of it.

To get this done, the principles attempt to institute a dynamic work environment which would enable workers and employees to be alert, stay engaged and be less likely to relax and yield to inefficiency.

It is also believed also that an agile work environment will facilitate higher productivity. Thus, it ensures the right balance for supporting different work activities. Typical examples of this include: 

  • The redesign of the workspace to suit the different kinds of work taking place.
  • Dynamic workspaces such as open spaces and areas furnished with tables to enable employees to gather and work together.
  • Erected standing desks specifically for improving energy levels and productivity.
  • Creation of quiet zones to allow for a thinking time for employees.
  • Fixing of social areas which enables  members of the staff to chat and relax together. 

Basically, Agile Working Burford Oxfordshire is concerned with changing the ways and patterns with which we carry out our work to suit and ensure a more relaxed working procedure and increased productivity.

Flexible Working

Flexible Working, as the name implies, is concerned with the employer ensuring that the employees have the opportunity to fashion their working schedule to meet the employees’ style of working as well as the employees’ disposal. 

Flexible working describes an untraditional working pattern which is rather adapted to fit the employee’s needs. The essence of flexible working is to ensure better workers’ productivity and well-being. 

 Types of flexible working

  • Part-time working– lesser hours are worked in a day as opposed to full-time work.
  • Part-time shift- the period of your part-time job is changed. For example: from weekdays to weekends.
  • Compressed hours- the total number of hours meant for one’s week are rather done in fewer days.
  • Remote working- employees are permitted to work.from home.
  • Hybrid working- an employee works some parts of the week remotely and others at the office.
  • Flexi-time- here, the employee is allowed to fit their working hour around a core time.
  • Staggered working- allows you to split your start and finish time differently instead of running it on a stretch.
  • Self-rostered working- the employee is scheduled for working at their convenient time 


Flexible working primarily differs from agile in that while the former is concerned with the separation of work, time and place to ensure that the employees special and personal needs and schedules are met, agile is concerned with how the work environment is made friendly and dynamic enough to ensure speedy productivity. 

For instance, while flexible working might allow an employee to work from home, Agile Working Burford Oxfordshire would rather replicate the home life at the office which would take off official feelings and speed up productivity. Flexible working actually focuses on the employee’s needs, while agile focuses on the impact of the work environment on the business.